The Overwhelming Nature of Learning to Invest

As I continue to educate myself about the nuances of personal finance and investing, there have been several moments where I felt overwhelmed. This feeling reminded me of the feeling I had starting PA school. The sheer volume of information that I was facing seemed completely impossible but I took each day as it came and made it … Continue reading The Overwhelming Nature of Learning to Invest

Side Hustles for Advance Practice Professionals

One of the reasons I started this blog was to explore some of the differences between PAs, ARNPs, and MDs when it comes to things like side hustles. The importance of creating passive or additional income is arguably higher for PAs and ARNPs due to the difference in average salary that exists between APPs and MDs. … Continue reading Side Hustles for Advance Practice Professionals

Are you burned out?

Physician assistant and NP burnout is on the rise. We work in a broken healthcare system and are often burdened with excessive workloads, long hours, and salaries that are not commiserate with our worth. Research by the American Academy of Physician Assistants indicates that 50.6 percent of PAs with 5-9 years of experience consider themselves exhausted at work … Continue reading Are you burned out?

Introduction to The PA Investor

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, financial advisor, or even particularly skilled investor (but I am learning) so please do not take anything you read on this site as financial advice or legal advice. The purpose of this blog is to collaborate and share financial tips, information, and resources that are specific to physician assistants (and other … Continue reading Introduction to The PA Investor