Introduction to The PA Investor

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, financial advisor, or even particularly skilled investor (but I am learning) so please do not take anything you read on this site as financial advice or legal advice. The purpose of this blog is to collaborate and share financial tips, information, and resources that are specific to physician assistants (and other APPs). This is for educational purposes only.

Many of the tips and tricks heard on podcasts such as Physician on Fire, The White Coat Investor, and Financial Residency are very applicable to our profession and I am beginning to use them in my own journey to financial independence. But, there are some strategies that do not work for PAs, ARNPs, and other similar professionals.

I created this blog to share my own journey and to find out what other PAs are doing to become financially independent. Join in the discussion and perhaps you may learn something new along the way!

  • The PA Investor

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