The Overwhelming Nature of Learning to Invest

As I continue to educate myself about the nuances of personal finance and investing, there have been several moments where I felt overwhelmed. This feeling reminded me of the feeling I had starting PA school. The sheer volume of information that I was facing seemed completely impossible but I took each day as it came and made it through. This endeavor is no different. I have to remind myself to take each day as it comes, and that learning this subject requires baby steps.

There are so many voices on the internet and so many books telling you how to invest, how to save, and many of these are conflicting. Which one do you listen to? This is why it is important to obtain a solid foundation to be able to determine what information “passes the smell test”.  There are many reputable sources that are classics such as the Bogelheads Forum and book, White Coat Investor Podcast and others. I may eventually put together a list of recommended resources in the future.

Short post today, busy week at work. I just wanted to say I get it, I am experiencing the anxiety of learning this intimidating and sometimes overwhelming subject, and we will make it. Just keep taking each day at a time. Hang in there.

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